Stone Heros

The Awakening
Book 1, Chapter 1, Part 1

A stone slumber has been disturbed, and heroes have awoken to face a new day in a new time.

Each of them had been witness to a marvelous spectacle. A traveling performance that astounded all of the senses. Jugglers who’s hands flashed by, keeping numerous trinkets from the crowd flying at once. Story-tellers who could captivate you with their words and songs, making you feel as if you were there. And a trickster, who’s magical device gained him the last laugh for all who viewed.

Five heroes awoken on raised pedestals which bore their names. Haruna, an aspiring dragonborn warrior whose devastating war pick has yet to see many battles. Keyleth, a half-elf whose devotion to Sehanine brings on a holy scourge to the undead. Roger, a dwarven ranger with a large stomach and a sense of subtlety not unlike that of a rampaging horde. George (E. Porgie), a mischievous tiefling with a streak of kleptomania. And Kissandra, a Wilden druid shrouded in mystery with a keen sense of the natural spirit world.

Amidst several dozen stone prisoners they awoken to be greeted by a unkempt man named Rali who had freed them from their prison. Unfortunately his time was short lived as a raiding band of Kobolds swept in and dispatched him before setting upon the party.

Shortly after it began, it was over. With creatures bursting into flames from fiery birds and others being impaled on a war pick, the group makes its way out to see the world that had been denied to them for… they are uncertain of even how long.

They make their way to the nearby village of Winterhaven and seek information from the Innkeeper Salvana Wrafton and the populous in general. Kissandra discovers that there has been some very peculiar weather in the area that has caused many of the farmers to become on edge. Shortly, the party seeks out Lord Padriag to try to find some answers.

Lord Padriag feigns ignorance to the weather issues, but seems very intent on the difficulties Winterhaven has been having with Kobolds. He offers a reward of 250 gold pieces to the group if they are able to end the infestation. Hoping to find more information about their own predicament, they accept his offer and head out to find the Kobolds’ lair.

They are waylaid on the road by an ambush group. After a grueling battle the heroes are victorious. The thrill of victory is only a small boon however, as more than a days walk still separates them from the main lair, and uncertainty about what they will find along the way or once there looms about.


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